DDR5 RAM with built-in bug fix is coming next year

Recently, TEAMGROUP said it is ready to launch the DDR5 RAM series by 2021.

To become the pioneer of this 5th generation DDR RAM, TEAMGROUP and its partners quickly embarked on research and production soon after the JEDEC Memory Standards Association announced the memory standard. DDR5 RAM memory.

Not sharing the roadmap and product information, TEAMGROUP said the first line of DDR5 RAM launched by the company was in the Elite product line. The product is packed with 16GB RAM, has an operating pulse of 4,800MHz with a voltage of 1.1V. Next generation DDR5 RAM will have a voltage rating of 1.2V.

Besides 1.6 times faster computation speed but 10% less power consumption than DDR4 RAM, this new generation memory also has the advantage of built-in ECC error correction mechanism on each chip. memory without having to use a separate debugging chip as used on DDR4 ECC RAM series for server and workstation systems.

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