Macbook M1 – Fashionable Appearance, Configuration “Stress”

Apple has never made us “freak” about the device’s appearance – always pursuing a streamlined, trendy and classy style. But how is the “interior” of the Macbook M1 inside this time performing, what is different from the previous Macbook series? Is the Macbook M1 really as impressive as what Apple claims? Join us to learn more about this issue!

Keyboard Macbook M1 “molt” with more cool features

Compared to its predecessor, the Macbook M1 version now has many significant improvements, let’s talk about the keyboard – intuitive and easy to attract the attention. In older versions, we will see the Launchpad key and the brightness up and down keys. On the Macbook M1, those 3 keys have been replaced with Search, Spell and Do Not Disturb. In addition, the familiar Fn key on the Macbook M1 has become a key to turn on emojis, helping users to quickly send their favorite symbols, reducing cumbersome operations. Only a few small changes in the keyboard are enough to make us feel that Apple has really been very sophisticated and meticulous for every detail of this Macbook M1.

Macbook M1 has the ability to “wake up” instantly

If you put your Macbook M1 in “Sleep” mode and then reboot, you will find that the Macbook M1 is capable of waking up almost instantly, you don’t need to wait a few seconds to boot up like the old Macbook. It can be said, Macbook M1 has too many design changes, but the features hidden deep inside are upgraded “harmful” extremely.

The Macbook M1 is not loud

Has anyone ever been upset when the fan in the laptop makes a loud noise? With the Macbook M1, this will no longer exist. In the 13-inch Macbook Air line, the fan has been completely eliminated, you will not be “disturbed” by this annoying noise anymore. The Macbook Pro M1 and Macbook Mini M1 series still have a built-in heatsink fan to maintain high performance if you have to work for a long time, however, you will be difficult to hear the noise from these two devices. because there is a 5nm ARM chip, which makes the device use more standard energy.

The Macbook M1 possesses the ultimate image quality

With this return, Apple has invested quite a bit in the Macbook Air M1 when the screen quality in this product line is not too different from the higher-end line, the Macbook Pro M1. The Macbook Air M1 owns a class-class Retina display with P3 color space, with Apple integrated True Tone color technology. The only difference in the Macbook Pro M1 and Macbook Air M1 in screen quality this time is that the Macbook Air has a screen brightness of 400 nits and the Macbook Pro has a brightness of up to 500 nits.

Chip M1 – Factors that play a role in the game

From the initial leaked information, it was soon known that the M1 is an impressive performance chip. Until the official launch date, Apple hasn’t let us down. M1 is a processor chip with 8 CPU cores, which is difficult to happen on Apple’s laptop line. These 8 cores are divided into 2 clusters, one cluster will ensure optimal energy efficiency, and the other cluster will be in charge of high performance. Depending on each task, these clusters will automatically work together to get the best results. The M1 chip also has a full range of components such as CPU, GPU, unified memory, Neural Engine, Controller, Security encryption, Image signal processor.

The Macbook M1 performs very well in graphics and editing tasks

It is no coincidence that the graphic design, editing, and architecture for the Macbook M1 are a special favor. Macbook was inherently very famous when running graphics, but with the Macbook M1, efficiency has been raised to a different level.

The Macbook M1 can help you export images in Lightroom twice as fast as normal, which any designer wants to have.

In addition, in the video array, the Macbook M1 can help you insert 3D effects into Final Cut Pro videos with 5 times the speed, allowing you to add a new Project for iMovie 3 times faster. At the same time, the Macbook M1 will help you multitask better in Final Cut Pro, which can edit multiple 4K videos at the same time without lag or frame loss.

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