Use multiple mice on 1 computer

Do you need to use multiple mice on a computer? Normally, you can still plug many mice into 1 computer, but only 1 mouse on the screen appears, if you control this mouse, the other mouse cannot control it.

Use multiple mice on the same computer

To be able to use more than one mouse on the same computer, you can try to use MouseMux software.

First, you visit MouseMux’s homepage and download mousemux-setup.exe software to your computer. Next, install the software as usual by opening the file you just uploaded.

After the installation is complete, open the Start MouseMux software. You can configure the software as shown below.

MouseMux configuration

In the software’s window there are 3 options: Native mode, Switched input and Multiplex input. You choose the Switched input mode and try to control 2 mice at the same time. If you want to use multi-keyboard feature at the same time, select Multi Keyboard.

Currently, MouseMux software is in beta so it is free to use. Later, if the complete version is released, there will probably be a premium version, so you should try the function before deciding to buy. Good luck.

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